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Connection With The Ocean Creative Writing Prompt

You’ve always felt a special connection to the sea, and something extraordinary happens during a trip to the beach. As you wade into the water, the waves respond to your presence, and you discover you can shape and guide them. As you explore this newfound bond with the ocean, write about your feelings and thoughts. How do you feel, and what is the first thing you do with this newfound ability?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How can the sense of a special connection with the sea be described using all five senses?

What might be some thoughts running through your mind when you first realize you can control the waves?

What emotions would you feel upon discovering your ability to shape and guide sea waves?

How might this newfound power change your perception of the ocean and its creatures?

If you could communicate with the sea, what would you say to it?

Can you imagine any challenges or responsibilities that come with being able to control the ocean?

How would you use this ability to interact with marine life without harming it?

What adventures would you undertake with the power to control the waves?

How might your friends and family react when they see you have this extraordinary ability?

What would be the first act you perform with your power over the sea, and why?

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