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Day With Hermes Creative Writing Prompt

Hermes is known for being the messenger of the gods and for his speed. Write a narrative about spending a day with Hermes. Where would you go, what messages would you deliver, and what interesting people or creatures might you meet along the way? Remember, Hermes is also the god of travellers and thieves so that you might have an adventure or two!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Who was Hermes and what were some of his responsibilities in Greek mythology?

If you could deliver a message to anyone in the world using Hermes’ speed, who would it be and what would you say?

Hermes is also known as the god of travelers. What place would you visit with him and why?

Imagine you encountered a magical creature while with Hermes. What kind of creature would it be and how would you interact with it?

What sort of adventure might you have if you were traveling with the god of thieves? Would you prevent a theft or be part of a sneaky plan?

What would it feel like to fly alongside Hermes, and how would you describe the experience?

If you spent a day with Hermes, what kind of help might you offer to travelers you meet on the way?

Based on Hermes’ traits, what kind of lessons could you learn from him during your adventures?

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