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Picture Prompt

Beach Cleanup Picture Prompt

While picking up rubbish on the beach, you stumble upon something unexpected and mysterious buried in the sand. Describe what it is, how you found it, and the story you imagine behind it.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kinds of items do you think people might leave behind on the beach that can become rubbish?

Why is it important to clean up trash from the beach?

What emotions would you feel while participating in a beach cleanup, and why?

Can you describe an item that you might consider unexpected to find on a beach? What makes it mysterious?

What is the story behind the mysterious item, and how did it get there?

What would you do if you found something unusual or mysterious while cleaning the beach?

How might the discovered item affect the environment if it was not picked up?

How can picking up trash on the beach inspire us to protect our oceans and sea life?

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