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Magical Snowflake Creative Writing Prompt

Everyone in your class has been discussing the magical snowflakes that appear only once every hundred years. If you find one, it’s said to grant you a small wish. Write a narrative about your search for this rare snowflake. What kind of wish would you make, and what adventures do you have while searching for the snowflake? Maybe you and your friends have fun building snowmen or having a snowball fight during your search!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What is the legend of the magical snowflake and why does it only appear once every hundred years?

How would you begin your search for the magical snowflake, and what tools or items might you bring along?

If you found the magical snowflake, what would your small wish be and why?

Can you describe the setting of your adventure? What does the winter landscape look like in your imagination?

What kinds of activities do you and your friends do in the snow while searching for the magical snowflake?

How do the changing winter conditions challenge you during your quest for the snowflake?

What types of characters do you meet along the way, and do any of them help or hinder your search?

What lessons do you learn during your adventures in search of the magical snowflake?

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