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Picture Prompt

Hockey Locker Room Picture Prompt

Write from the perspective of one of the players in the image, moments before a big hockey game. Describe their emotions, the sounds of the locker room, and what they’re looking forward to once they step onto the ice.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How do you think the players are feeling right now and why?

What kind of sounds might you hear in a locker room before a hockey game?

What might be going through a player’s mind as they prepare to step onto the ice for a big game?

Can you describe how teamwork plays a role in getting ready for a game?

What do you think the player is looking forward to the most when the game starts?

How might the players encourage each other in the locker room?

What could be some personal goals each player might set for the game?

Why is it important for the players to stay focused before and during the game?

How do you think the energy in the locker room can affect a player’s performance?

What pre-game rituals might the players engage in to boost their confidence?

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