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Theme Park Ride Design Prompt

You’ve been chosen to design the newest ride at a famous theme park. You’re the architect of thrills and excitement!

1. Rider’s Experience: Describe the journey riders will take. Will it be a heart-racing roller coaster, a mysterious underwater voyage, or a journey through the stars? Think about the sensations you want them to feel. Is it the rush of wind, the surprise of drops, or the awe of visual effects?

2. Theme: Every great ride tells a story. What’s yours? Are you battling dragons, racing through a futuristic city, or exploring a hidden jungle? Choose a theme and explain how the design and decorations of the ride will bring this story to life.

3. Safety: Safety is as important as fun. Please explain how your ride will keep everyone secure while they’re having the time of their lives. Consider the restraints, the materials used for the ride, and the instructions given before the ride starts.

4. Fun Factor: What makes your ride a must-try experience? Is it the speed, the heights, the loops, or the interactive elements? Describe the unique features that will have people lining up again and again.

Draw a detailed picture of your ride and write a description that includes all these elements. Give your ride a catchy name and make us feel like we’re there, experiencing the thrill ourselves!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are the different types of rides you have experienced, and which one excited you the most?

How can we combine different elements like speed, height, and special effects to create an unforgettable ride?

What kind of safety features have you noticed on rides before, and why are they important?

Can you think of a story or theme that would be really thrilling to experience on a ride?

What kind of visual and sound effects would enhance the ride and go well with your chosen theme?

What sense (sight, sound, touch) would you most like to stimulate with your ride?

How might we use technology to make the ride feel more realistic or exciting?

What name would you give to your ride that encapsulates the entire experience?

What could make a ride so fun that you would want to go on it again and again?

How would you describe the sensation of your ideal ride to someone who has never been on it before?

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