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Picture Prompt

Light Fairy Picture Prompt

You’re a light fairy whose sparkle can make anyone smile. On a peaceful night in the forest, you come across a child. What enchanted gift would you share with them using your light, and how does it unexpectedly help them? Write about the adventures that unfold.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What is a light fairy, and what kind of powers do they possess?

Can you describe the setting where the light fairy meets the child?

What do you imagine a magical gift from a light fairy looks like?

How do you think a glowing touch could bring happiness?

Why do you think the light fairy chose to give a gift to this particular child?

What emotions might the child feel upon receiving a magical gift?

How do you think the child’s life will be different after this encounter?

Can you create a dialog between the fairy and the child about the magical gift?

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