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Sofa Monster Creative Writing Prompt

Step into the role of a furniture salesperson and get ready to introduce customers to the most extraordinary couch they’ve ever seen! It’s not just any couch. It’s big, blue, with friendly eyes and a mischievous grin complete with horns. Your task is to persuade customers to buy this one-of-a-kind piece. Think about what special features it might have. Does it tell stories, give the coziest hugs, or have secret compartments? Describe its unique features and convince us it is the best purchase we will ever make!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Can you describe what the sofa monster looks like and feels like to touch?

What special features could this sofa have?

What name would you give this sofa?

What kind of personality could the sofa have?

Does the sofa monster have any special abilities that could be useful or fun?

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