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Picture Prompt

Cosmic Schoolbag Picture Prompt

In a quiet classroom, there sits a schoolbag unlike any other. It’s filled with more than just books and pencils; it’s a portal to the universe! Write a story about a student who discovers this bag and the cosmic adventures that await them each time they reach inside.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think it would feel like to discover a schoolbag that’s a portal to the universe?

Can you describe what types of adventures might await the student who finds this bag?

How could the student use the items found in the cosmic schoolbag during their adventures?

What lessons could the student learn from exploring the universe through the schoolbag?

What kinds of creatures or characters might the student meet during their adventures?

How would the student’s everyday life in school change after finding the portal?

If you could pack your own magical schoolbag, what would you put in it and why?

How might the student keep the magic of the schoolbag a secret, or would they choose to share it with others?

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