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Picture Prompt

Youngest Pilot Picture Prompt

Write a narrative about a young child who is the youngest pilot to fly a plane. Where does the child go on their first flight, and what incredible sights do they see above the clouds?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What feelings might a young pilot experience before taking off for their first flight?

How could a child become the youngest pilot to fly a plane, and what kind of training would they need?

What kind of special equipment would the young pilot need to wear to fly the plane safely?

What obstacles might the youngest pilot face during their first flight, and how could they overcome them?

Can you describe the landscapes or sights that the child might see while flying above the clouds?

What would it sound like inside the cockpit?

Why is it important for the youngest pilot to understand the plane’s controls and how to read the dashboard?

What would you imagine is the destination for the young pilot’s first flight and why?

How might the weather affect the young pilot’s first flight experience?

In what ways could the young pilot communicate with others while in the air?

What lessons could other children learn from the story of the youngest pilot’s first flight?

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