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Turtle’s Trick Writing Prompt

The forest is having a talent show, and this friendly turtle has a fiery trick up its sleeve. What is the trick, and how does it surprise and delight all the other animals? Tell the story of how the turtle prepares for the big show and the friends it makes along the way.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of special talents do you think different forest animals might have for a talent show?

How could a turtle surprise the other animals in the forest with a talent they might not expect?

Can you imagine the steps the turtle might take to practice its fiery trick without hurting itself or the forest?

What kind of relationships could the turtle form with other animals while preparing for the talent show?

Think about how the turtle might feel before performing its trick. What emotions might it have, and why?

How could the turtle’s fiery trick be a metaphor for overcoming challenges or trying something new?

In what ways might the other animals in the forest help or support the turtle during its preparation?

Could there be any unexpected events or obstacles the turtle needs to overcome while getting ready for the show?

How might the forest setting influence the type of tricks and talents that are shown at the talent show?

After the talent show, what might the other animals say or do to express their enjoyment or surprise at the turtle’s performance?

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