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Genie Lamp Writing Prompt

As the New Year approaches, a mystical lamp is discovered in the attic. When a group of friends polishes it, a genie appears, offering to grant each of them a wish for the coming year. But there’s a twist: their wishes must truly reflect their hopes for personal growth and the betterment of those around them. What wishes will the friends make, and how will they work to fulfil these wishes as the year unfolds?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Can you think of a wish that would help you become a better friend or family member?

How can a wish lead to positive changes in your community or school?

How can making a wish for personal growth also impact the environment around us?

What might be some unexpected benefits of having a wish focused on improving the lives of others?

If you were granted a wish, how would you follow it up throughout the year?

How can we measure whether a wish for personal growth has been successful?

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