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Picture Prompt

Superhero Snacks Picture Prompt

Your fridge has a special section labelled ‘Superhero Snacks’. These snacks give anyone who eats them superpowers for a day. Describe three different snacks and the powers they give. Which snack would you choose, and what heroic deeds would you do with your new power?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of superpowers do you think would be most fun to have for a day?

If you designed a superhero snack, what would it look like and what ingredients would it include?

How could your superpower help you do good deeds in your community?

If you ate a snack that gave you the power of flight, where would you fly first?

Imagine you had a snack that made you invisible. What would you do with this power?

What are some responsibilities that come with having superpowers, even if it’s just for a day?

Could there be any problems caused by having superpowers from a snack? How would you solve them?

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