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Picture Prompt

Jingle Lens Writing Prompt

Imagine you are one of Santa’s elves. This year, Santa’s sleigh has been fitted with a special camera that captures every magical moment of his journey on Christmas Eve. As you watch the footage, you come across a moment that stands out as the most powerful and heartwarming of the entire night. Write a story describing this powerful moment.

What did the camera capture? Maybe it’s a scene of Santa quietly leaving a gift for a child who had a tough year, or perhaps it’s a moment where Santa helps someone in need. Think about the emotions, the setting, and the characters involved.

Describe how this moment made you feel and why it was so special and magical. Let your imagination soar as high as Santa’s sleigh and tell us about the most wonderful moment of Santa’s night!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think Santa enjoys the most about delivering presents on Christmas Eve?

How do you imagine Santa interacts with the reindeer during his journey?

If you were an elf watching the footage, what moment would bring a smile to your face?

How does Santa show caring and kindness to people on his Christmas Eve journey?

What challenges do you think Santa faces on Christmas Eve, and how does he overcome them?

How do you feel when you see images of Santa delivering presents, and why?

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