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Picture Prompt

Rainy Day Adventure Writing Prompt

You’re a soft little kitten by the window. It’s raining outside, and the drops tap-tap-tap on the glass like a drum. Watch the raindrops race down the window! Feel the cool, fresh air on your little pink nose as you sit nice and warm inside. It’s time to play! Will you chase your tail in circles or bat a jingly ball across the floor? Recount the adventures you have on this rainy day inside.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How do you think the kitten feels as it watches the rain from indoors?

What sounds do you imagine the rain makes as it hits the window?

How would the air feel to the kitten on a rainy day, and how is it different from a sunny day?

If you were the kitten, what kind of games would you invent to play inside?

What else might a kitten do throughout the day?

What do you think the kitten could see through the rainy window?

Can you describe how the kitten might interact with a toy ball?

In what ways can indoor play be fun when it’s raining outside?

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