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Picture Prompt

Magical Headphones Picture Prompt

Imagine that you discover a pair of magical headphones in your pocket during recess. When you put them on, every sound around you changes into a beautiful sensation. The bounce of a basketball might feel like a gentle tap on your shoulder, and the teacher’s whistle might look like a rainbow flashing across the sky.

Write about your recess experience with these headphones. What sensations do you encounter with the different sounds of recess? How does this magical hearing change how you play and interact with your friends?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What sounds do you usually hear during recess and how would you imagine them as different sensations with the magical headphones?

Can you describe what the magical headphones look like and how they make you feel when you wear them?

How might the sound of your friends laughing be transformed by the magical headphones, and what sensation would it create?

If the ringing of the bell that signals the end of recess could turn into a sensation, what would it be and why?

What kind of magical effect could the sound of skipping rope have on your environment?

How would you play differently if the sounds of your movements created visual effects all around you?

Can you think of a sound that might not be pleasant during recess and describe how the headphones could change it into something marvelous?

Imagine you are playing a game of tag. How do the sounds of your friends’ footsteps get transformed by these magical headphones?

If you could share the experience of the magical headphones with a friend, what sound at recess would you want them to experience first and why?

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