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Helping The Lost Reindeer Writing Prompt

On the coldest day of winter, you stumble upon a gentle reindeer lost in the snowy woods. It seems to be searching for something important. Write a narrative about how you help the reindeer find what it’s looking for. Describe your journey through the snow, the clues you see, and the bond you form with this majestic animal.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some things the reindeer could be searching for in the snowy woods?

How might you feel if you found a lost reindeer, and what would you do first to help it?

What kinds of clues could indicate the path that the reindeer needs to follow?

Describe the environment around you as you walk through the snowy woods with the reindeer.

How can the snowy weather and cold temperatures affect your journey with the reindeer?

Imagine and talk about the bond that forms between you and the reindeer as you help it. What brings you closer?

What challenges might you encounter during your search, and how would you overcome them?

If you had to keep yourself and the reindeer warm and safe, what supplies or tools would you use?

Discuss the ways you might communicate with the reindeer without using words.

Reflect on the importance of kindness and helping others as shown in your act of helping the lost reindeer.

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