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Picture Prompt

Adventure Bubble Writing Prompt

Imagine you are inside a magical bubble, just like the one around the child in the picture. This bubble can float to amazing places. Pick a place you’d love to visit and describe what you see from inside the bubble. What amazing things are in front of you? Maybe it’s the high tops of faraway mountains, the lively streets of a city from high in the sky, or the calm, blue waters of the ocean. Think about the colours, the noises, and what you can feel. How does being in this special place make you feel? Tell us about this beautiful spot like you’re painting a picture with your words.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

If you could float anywhere in your bubble, where would you choose first and why?

What sounds would reach your bubble as you floated to your destination?

How would the world look different when seen from inside a bubble?

What sensations might you feel while inside your magical bubble? Would it be warm or cool? Would the bubble move quickly or slowly?

How would you feel if you were floating above your favorite place? Would you be excited, peaceful, or maybe a little scared?

If you floated over a city, what landmarks or places would you want to see from above?

What wildlife might you see from your bubble if floating above a forest or a jungle?

How would the bubble protect you from the elements, like wind or water, as you explored?

If your bubble could take you to a place from a book or a movie, where would it be, and what would you hope to see there?

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