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Enchanted Forest Adventure Picture Prompt

In a snowy, enchanted forest, you meet a friendly elf and a young reindeer with a glowing red nose. Tonight, they are on a very special mission to find the lost stars that make the winter nights sparkle. They need your help! Write a narrative about your adventure with the elf and reindeer. What magical places do you visit? How do you work together to find the stars? Describe the challenges you face and the friends you meet along the way. And most importantly, tell us how you feel when you see the winter sky light up with stars once again.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What special abilities do you think the elf and reindeer have that could help in your quest to find the lost stars?

Can you imagine what kind of magical creatures you might meet in an enchanted forest during winter? Who would they be?

What challenges might you encounter while searching for the stars in a snowy forest, and how would you overcome them?

How does the glowing red nose of the young reindeer help you on your adventure?

What do you think a lost star looks like, and where would you look for them in the enchanted forest?

How would you feel walking through the snowy forest with your new friends, and what would the atmosphere be like?

How can you and your new friends work together to solve problems you might face on your journey?

Describe a magical place you would love to visit during your adventure. What makes it magical?

After finding the stars, what do you think happens when the winter sky lights up again? How does that make you feel?

What lesson do you learn about teamwork and friendship from your journey with the elf and reindeer?

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