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Picture Prompt

Holiday Time Capsule Picture Prompt

Over the holiday break, the neighborhood decides to create a ‘Living Time Capsule’ to capture memories of the season. Each family is invited to contribute one item that they feel best represents their holiday experience this year. Your family has asked you to choose the contribution. Write a narrative about the item you pick, why you chose it, and the story you tell as you place it into the time capsule. Describe the capsule ceremony with all the neighbours gathered around, and imagine what someone might think if they opened the capsule 100 years from now.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What object would you choose to represent your family’s holiday experience and why?

How does your chosen item reflect a unique tradition or memory from this year’s holiday season?

Imagine the time capsule is opened in 100 years. What do you think people in the future would learn about today’s holiday celebrations from your item?

How would you describe the atmosphere and setting of the capsule ceremony based on the image?

Why is it important to share and preserve memories with the community, as shown in the capsule ceremony?

If you were to write a message to accompany the item in the time capsule, what would you say to explain its significance?

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