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Holiday Snow Globes Creative Writing Prompt

Inside each of these six magical snow globes is a different scene filled with warmth and the spirit of the holiday season. Please choose one of the snow globes that speaks to you and write a story about it. Maybe it’s the globe with the glowing heart that reminds you of love, the candle with the evergreen wreath that brings thoughts of family gatherings, or the bright sparkler that symbolizes exciting holiday celebrations. It could be the gift-wrapped box that makes you think of a special present, the winter birds among festive trees representing friendship, or the candles nestled among holiday decorations that evoke the feeling of tradition. Describe the world inside your chosen globe, the emotions it brings, and why it is significant to you during this time of the year.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What does each snow globe represent to you and why?

Can you describe the feelings you get when you look at the snow globe with the glowing heart? What does it remind you of?

What memories or traditions come to mind when you see the candle with the evergreen wreath globe?

How does the bright sparkler in its globe make you feel about holiday celebrations?

Imagine you’re receiving the gift in the snow globe with the present – who gave it to you and what might be inside?

What stories can you create about the birds in the winter scene globe and their importance during the holiday season?

Think about the candles surrounded by holiday decorations globe. What does this setting make you appreciate about your own holiday experiences?

If you could step into any of these globes, which one would you choose and what would you do there?

If you were to give one of these snow globes as a gift, which one would you choose, to whom would you give it, and why?

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