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Picture Prompt

Holiday Cooking Picture Prompt

During the holiday season, a cozy kitchen becomes the heart of the home, especially when filled with the laughter of family. In this scene, some family members are covered in flour, their hands busy as they shape dough into perfect little treats. Write a narrative about this family’s special holiday tradition. What are they making, and why is it so special? Share the secret ingredients that make their recipe—and their time together—filled with joy and laughter.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Why do you think working together in the kitchen could be a special tradition for a family?

How do you think the act of cooking could create laughter and joy?

What are some of your favorite memories in the kitchen with your family during holidays?

Why might the recipe they are using be considered special or secret?

How can food and cooking bring a family closer together?

What traditions does your own family have for the holidays, and do they include making certain foods?

If you were to create a new holiday tradition for your family, what activities or recipes would you include?

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