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Gift From The Heart Picture Prompt

In the spirit of the holiday season, your school has introduced a heartwarming challenge: to give a gift from the heart that costs nothing but means everything. You’ve decided to embrace this challenge and have come up with a perfect idea. Craft a narrative that brings us along on your adventure to create and deliver this gift. Who is the particular person you’re doing this for? Take us through your journey, from the spark of your idea to the moment you present your gift. Describe the characters, the setting, and the unfolding events. Share the reactions, the emotions felt, and the discoveries made along the way. How does this act of kindness enrich the holiday for you and the person you’re giving to?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What does ‘a gift from the heart’ mean to you?

Can you think of someone special who you’d like to create a gift for?

What are some creative ideas for gifts that don’t cost any money?

How can you find out what would be meaningful to the person you’re giving your gift to?

In what ways can you use your talents or skills to make this gift?

Describe how you would feel if you received a gift that was made just for you. Why would it be special?

What are some challenges you might face while creating your gift and how would you overcome them?

How do you imagine the person will react when you give them your gift?

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