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Picture Prompt

Virtual Reality Environment Writing Prompt

Picture a world where the latest technology allows you to create any environment you can imagine by wearing a special pair of goggles. Describe what happens when you slip on these goggles. What incredible place do you bring to life in your home? Is it a vast ocean with towering waves, a peaceful forest filled with ancient trees, or perhaps a distant planet glittering under a foreign sky? Write about the sights, sounds, and sensations as your room transforms into the world of your dreams. How does it feel to enter a place you’ve conjured up with the power of technology and your imagination?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of environment would you create using the special goggles and why?

How does the room change when you put on the goggles?

What are some sights and sounds you might experience in your created world?

What sort of adventure would you like to have in the world you create?

Can you describe any animals or creatures that inhabit your imaginary place?

What kind of weather or nature would you experience there?

How would moving around your room be different in this new environment?

What emotions do you feel as you explore this place made by your imagination?

How does this technology change your perception of what’s possible in your own home?

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