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Picture Prompt

Puppy’s Literary Journey Picture Prompt

As the puppy in the picture dozes off on his book, he suddenly leaps into the pages and embarks on an extraordinary adventure. Describe the new world he explores within the story. Who are the characters he encounters, and what exciting events unfold during his literary journey?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Can you describe the setting of the world the puppy entered? What does it look like?

Who is the first character the puppy meets in the book’s world, and how do they help him?

What kind of problem or conflict does the puppy encounter on his adventure?

How does the puppy use his skills or talents to overcome challenges in the story?

Are there any villains or obstacles the puppy has to face, and how does he deal with them?

What is the most exciting or surprising moment in the puppy’s adventure?

Does the puppy make any new friends, and what are they like?

How does the adventure change the puppy, and what does he learn from his journey?

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