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Magical Sleigh Ride Writing Prompt

Picture yourself as the little boy who has managed to sneak onto Santa’s sleigh. You’re now gliding high above a city, blanketed in snow and glittering with lights, under the vast, star-filled sky. As Santa and his reindeer lead you on this incredible journey, share the details of your secret adventure. What do you see below you? How does the cold night air feel as you zip across the sky? Use vivid and imaginative language to describe your magical flight’s sights, sounds, and sensations. Let your creativity soar as high as the sleigh on Christmas Eve!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What colors and lights can you see from Santa’s sleigh as you look down on the snow-covered city?

How might the chilly wind feel on your face while flying through the night sky, and how would you stay warm?

Can you describe the movements of the reindeer and the sounds they might make during the flight?

What emotions are you feeling being so high above the ground in Santa’s sleigh, and how would you express them?

How does the sleigh feel underneath you, and what would you hold onto as you fly?

Imagine the scents in the air – does the cold have a smell, or can you sense the aroma of holiday treats from below?

If you could talk to Santa during this journey, what would you ask or say to him?

What landmarks or special places in the city do you recognize from above and how do they look under the moonlight?

What do you think makes this secret sleigh ride with Santa so magical, and how would you describe it to someone who’s never experienced it?

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