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Creative Sugar Cookies Picture Prompt

Are you ready to become the most talked-about cookie designer at our school’s upcoming bake sale? Your task is to create a series of sugar cookies so delectable and eye-catching that no one can resist them. You need to persuade your schoolmates why they absolutely need to try your cookies.

Here’s what to think about for your trio of cookie designs:

Shape: Will it be a ferocious dinosaur, an enchanting unicorn, or a heroic figure from your favorite stories? Choose three shapes that you believe will make your classmates’ hearts race with excitement.

Decoration: It’s time to shine! Which icing designs, colourful sprinkles, or shimmering sugars will transform your cookies into edible art? Pick decorations that will dazzle your friends and teachers.

Flavor: Venture beyond the classic tastes. What if your cookie had the zest of orange, the richness of chocolate, or the surprise of a sweet-and-salty combo? Invent a distinctive flavor for each cookie that will create buzz and delight the taste buds.

Extra Fun: What’s the ‘wow’ factor? A cookie that reveals a rainbow inside, one with popping candy, or maybe one with a funny frosting face?

Draw your cookie designs with vivid detail and craft a persuasive description for each one. These descriptions will be used in eye-catching advertisements around the school. Your goal is to create a buzz so big that your cookies are the first to sell out! Get ready to bake, describe, and sell the irresistible joy of your cookie masterpieces!

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