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Holiday Joy Creative Writing Prompt

The holiday season is full of little moments that fill our hearts with happiness. Look at the child in the image, revelling in the sunlight, surrounded by the beauty of nature. Reflect on a moment from past holidays that made you feel just as joyful and serene. Describe that time— laughter with friends, quiet moments with family, a special tradition or sipping hot cocoa. Or, if you prefer, imagine a moment of joy you’re looking forward to experiencing this holiday season. Please share with us the details of what makes or will make that time memorable for you!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Can you think of a time when you felt very happy during the holidays? What were you doing?

What is your favorite holiday tradition that you always look forward to?

Have you ever shared a funny or joyful moment with your friends or family during the holidays? What happened?

Is there a special place you like to go during the holiday season that makes you feel peaceful and happy?

What are some ways nature makes you feel joyful, similar to how the child seems to feel in the image?

Do you have a favorite holiday memory involving a particular song, scent, or flavor? Can you describe it?

Is there a new holiday activity or tradition you’d like to start this year? What is it and why does it excite you?

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