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Gingerbread Houses Creative Writing Prompt

Step into a magical street where every house is crafted from gingerbread, frosted with icing, and adorned with an array of sweets. As you wander through this enchanting street, use your senses to explore every detail. Describe the vibrant colours of the candy decorations, the rich scent of spiced gingerbread, and the sounds that fill the air in this whimsical world.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What different types of candy can you spot on the gingerbread houses?

How do you think a gingerbread house might smell? Describe the scents you imagine.

What colors do you see the most of in this magical street?

If you could taste one of the candies from the houses, which one would you choose and why?

Can you describe how the icing is used to decorate the houses?

Imagine you’re walking down this street; what sounds do you think you would hear?

How would the texture of a gingerbread wall feel if you could touch it?

What kind of emotions do you feel looking at this colorful street?

If you were to create your own gingerbread house, what sweet decorations would you add?

Why do you think gingerbread houses are often associated with winter or Christmas time?

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