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Picture Prompt

Toy’s Night Adventure Picture Prompt

A fluffy purple toy sits on a shelf in a department store, its eyes wide with wonder. This toy has never had a home; it’s been waiting for someone special to pick it up and take it on grand adventures. But tonight, something magical stirs, and the toy comes to life! It decides to go on its exciting adventure in the store, exploring all the fantastic sights and sounds. Write a story about what it discovers and who it meets during its night-time escapade, all while dreaming of finding a forever home.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How does the toy feel about being alive, and what are its first actions?

What kinds of other toys or objects might the toy meet during its escapade?

How do the toys and objects interact with each other after closing hours?

Can you describe some parts of the store that the toy might explore?

What challenges might the toy face during its night-time journey?

What sort of ending would you give to this toy’s adventure? Does it find a home or keep exploring?

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