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Picture Prompt

Lost Teddy Bear Writing Prompt

Write a narrative about a teddy bear that gets lost on a busy street during the holidays. How does the teddy bear feel sitting alone? What kind of people pass by, and who eventually finds the bear? What is the teddy bear’s one wish, and how does it come true?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How do you think the teddy bear ended up on the busy street?

What emotions might the teddy bear be feeling sitting all alone?

Can you describe the setting around the teddy bear and how it relates to the holiday season?

How does the weather in the picture influence the atmosphere of the story?

What kinds of people do you imagine are passing by the teddy bear on this busy street?

Who do you think would be the most likely person to notice the lost teddy bear, and why?

How can the holiday spirit play a role in the teddy bear’s wish becoming true?

What message do you think the story of the lost teddy bear could convey about kindness and helping others?

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