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Picture Prompt

Christmas Ornament Design Prompt

Design a unique Christmas ornament that represents you! Think about what colours, patterns, and images show who you are and what you love. Perhaps it shimmers with glittery swirls to express your love of dancing, showcase images of the animals you adore, or boast the vibrant hues of your cherished sports team. Draw your ornament to reflect these parts of your life. Then, describe each choice in your design, telling us why you picked it.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are your favorite colors and how can you incorporate them into your Christmas ornament design?

Can you think of a hobby or activity that you love? How would you represent it on your ornament?

What patterns or shapes make you happy and how can you include them in your design?

Are there any symbols or images that represent something important to you, like a pet or a special place?

How might you use glitter, sequins, or other materials to add texture and shine to your ornament?

Is there a particular style or theme, like fairy tales or space, that you’d like your ornament to reflect?

How can you show your family or cultural traditions through the decorations on your ornament?

What would you like people to feel or think when they see your Christmas ornament?

Are there any messages or words you’d like to include in your design?

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