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Gingerbread Cookie Party Writing Prompt

Imagine if the gingerbread cookies in your kitchen came to life and decided to have a glow-in-the-dark party! Write a story about what games they play, what music they dance to, and all the fun they have. How do they decorate the kitchen for their neon party, and what happens when they hear someone coming?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

If you were a gingerbread cookie, what fun activities would you plan for a neon party?

Can you imagine the type of music and dance moves gingerbread cookies might like?

What party snacks might gingerbread cookies serve?

How would gingerbread cookies create a disco ball effect in the kitchen for their party?

How could the gingerbread cookies react and what would they do when they hear someone coming?

How might the gingerbread cookies feel during their party and why?

What would be the most surprising thing that could happen at the gingerbread cookies’ party?

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