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Picture Prompt

Christmas Beach Party Picture Prompt

Write a recount about how you celebrated a warm and sunny Christmas in Australia. Describe the Christmas beach party you had with your friends. What decorations did you use to make the beach festive? What fun games did you all play? And most importantly, what delicious foods were part of your summer Christmas lunch?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some typical activities people do at the beach during summer?

Can you think of any decorations that would be suitable for a Christmas celebration on the beach?

What games are fun to play in the sand and how could they be made festive for Christmas?

What types of food do you associate with Christmas, and which of these could be enjoyed at a beach party?

How would you adapt traditional Christmas themes to fit a warm and sunny beach setting?

What are some ways to stay safe and protect your skin while celebrating Christmas on the beach?

How might the beach environment influence the type of Christmas music you might play?

What would be the perfect beach outfit for a Christmas party on a sunny day, and why?

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