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Picture Prompt

Puppy Christmas Adventure

Imagine a brave puppy with a fluffy Santa hat who has an important job on Christmas Eve. The puppy must deliver a special gift to a family in need. Write about the puppy’s adventurous journey on the snowy evening, the friends it makes, and how it overcomes obstacles to deliver the gift just in time.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kind of special gift do you think the brave puppy might be delivering?

Can you describe one obstacle the puppy must overcome, and how does the puppy manage it?

What kind of friends could the puppy meet during its adventure and how can they help?

What qualities make the puppy brave, and can you think of a time you showed bravery like the puppy?

After delivering the gift, how might the puppy feel, and what would it do next?

How does the setting of Christmas Eve add to the adventure of the puppy’s mission?

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