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Picture Prompt

Christmas Celebration Creative Writing Prompt

On a snowy Christmas Eve, a group of adventurous animals in the forest organize their Christmas celebration. They gather around a beautifully decorated tree in the forest clearing, each bringing a special gift or talent to share. As they celebrate, they discover a mysterious, glowing present under the tree, left by someone unknown. Inside the present is a magical item that grants them a special Christmas wish. What is the magic item, and what wish do they make? Write a narrative about what happens next.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What kinds of animals can you spot in the picture and what gift or talent might each bring to the celebration?

Describe how the forest looks on this snowy Christmas Eve. What makes it feel like a special place for a celebration?

Can you imagine what the magical item inside the mysterious present looks like? What do you think it is?

If you were one of the animals, what would your special Christmas wish be?

How do the animals react when they find the glowing present under the tree?

Why do you think someone left the magical present for the animals?

What changes might happen in the forest once the animals make their wish?

How do the decorations on the tree add to the magical feeling of the evening?

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