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Picture Prompt

The Curious Explorer Picture Prompt

The little child in the garden is trying to find the perfect leaf for their collection. As they explore, they encounter all sorts of garden wonders. Write a recount of their adventure. Include what they see, smell, and touch and whether they finally find their perfect leaf.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What does your curious explorer look like, and what are they wearing on their garden adventure?

What kind of leaves do you think the explorer is looking for, and why are those leaves special?

Can you list some garden wonders the explorer might see on their journey?

How might the different leaves in the garden look and feel? Describe their textures and colours.

What could be some of the smells the explorer experiences in the garden?

Why is the explorer collecting leaves? What do they plan to do with them?

As the explorer searches for the perfect leaf, what animals or insects might they encounter?

How does the garden change as the explorer moves through different areas (like from sunny spots to shaded areas)?

What emotions does the explorer feel during their search? Are they excited, frustrated, determined, or something else?

When the explorer finds their ‘perfect leaf’, how do they know it’s the one? What makes it stand out from the others?

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