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Picture Prompt

Robo-Bird Design Challenge

Objective: Draw and describe your own robotic bird. Think about how it looks (appearance), how it acts (behaviour) and where it lives (habitat).


Draw Your Robo-Bird: Using the image of the half-robotic toucan as inspiration, create your version of a robo-bird. You can choose any bird you like, from sparrows to eagles. Use bright colours and imaginative components to make your bird stand out.

Name Your Creation: Give your robo-bird a unique name that reflects its features and personality.

Describe Your Robo-Bird: Write a detailed description of your bird. Consider the following questions to guide your writing:

  • where does it live?
  • What colours are its feathers and mechanical parts?
  • What materials are the robotic parts made of?
  • What special abilities does your robot-bird have? (Can it translate languages, purify water, perform rescues?)
  • How does it recharge or maintain its energy?
  • What is its favourite activity or function?
  • How does it interact with other birds, animals, and humans?

Share: your creation with the class after drawing and writing about your robo-bird. Explain why you chose certain elements and how your robot-bird could be helpful or entertaining.

Reflection: Think about the process of creating your robot-bird. What was the most challenging part? What did you enjoy the most? How did the original image inspire you?

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