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Picture Prompt

The Last Plant Writing Prompt

Imagine you are on a nature walk and find a tiny plant that’s the last of its kind, glowing softly in the sunlight. This plant is essential for the health of our planet. Write about your adventure to find the perfect place to plant it where it can grow. Describe the friends you meet who help you, the animals and insects that live near the plant, and how you all work together to care for it.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Why might a plant be the last of its kind?

What does the plant look like, and how does it glow? What colours do you see? (You can use your imagination and extend what you see in the picture)

What kind of habitat does the plant need? Consider things like sunlight, water, and soil.

How do the animals and insects interact with the plant, and why are they essential to its survival?

What challenges might you face while trying to find a new home for the plant?

How do you and your friends work together to overcome these challenges?

What can you do to ensure the plant thrives after you’ve planted it?

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