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Picture Prompt

The Guardian of the Forest Creative Writing Prompt

Every night, this wise owl watches over the winter forest. Write a tale about the creatures it protects and how it helps them. It may warn them of danger or guide lost travellers back home. What wisdom does the owl share with its forest friends?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Why do you think the owl is considered a guardian of the forest?

What special abilities might the owl have that help it protect other creatures?

Can you think of some dangers the forest animals might face that the owl could help with?

How do you imagine the owl communicates with the other animals?

What would a night in the life of the guardian owl look like?

How does the moon affect the owl’s ability to watch over the forest?

What might the forest creatures do to show their gratitude to the owl?

Can you describe the owl’s home in the forest? Where does it rest during the day?

If you could ask the guardian owl one question, what would it be, and why?

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