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Picture Prompt

Water Cycle Journal Writing

Imagine you are a water droplet on an epic journey around the Earth, changing from rain to ice to vapour and back again. Write a journal entry for each stage of your journey through the water cycle. Describe the different environments you visit, the changes you undergo, and the importance of clean water in all the places you travel.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are the different stages of the water cycle, and how does water transform at each stage?
Where do you begin your journey as a water droplet, and what causes you to evaporate?
Describe how it feels to rise into the sky as vapour. What might you see from up there?
When you condense into a cloud, what kind of cloud are you, and how does it feel to be part of a larger cloud formation?
How do you decide where to fall, rain or snow? Is it random, or is there a reason behind it?
As you land on a mountain as snow, how does your perspective of the world change?
What kinds of plants or animals might depend on you for survival when you become part of a river or lake?
When you soak into the ground, what underground world do you discover, and how does it affect the Earth above?
How does pollution impact you as a water droplet, and what can be done to keep you clean?
What are the most important things you would like to tell humans about water conservation and the environment throughout your journey?

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