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The Final Play Writing Prompt

In the last crucial moments of a rugby match, everything else fades away, and the player enters a zone where they are hyper-focused. Imagine you are that player with the ball. Write about how it feels to run towards the try line. What goes through your mind as you make the game’s final play? What do you see, feel, and hear?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What emotions do you think the rugby player is feeling during the final moments of the game?

How might the player’s senses be heightened as they focus intensely on making the last play?

What does the burst of colours around the player represent regarding energy and emotion?

How can the player use teamwork to their advantage in these final moments?

In what ways might the crowd’s reaction influence the players as they prepare for the final play?

What thoughts could be running through the player’s head about their teammates and the game’s outcome?

How might the player overcome any feelings of pressure or fatigue to perform well?

Can you imagine a strategy that the player has been saving for such a crucial moment in the game?

What lessons have they learned throughout the match that they could apply to this final play?

How would you describe the transformation from the typical game environment to the energized, color-filled zone the player experiences?

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