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Picture Prompt

The Lone Flower Perspective Writing

In a vast land of nothing but dirt and stone, a single flower blooms against all odds. Write a story from the perspective of this flower. How did it come to grow in such a harsh environment? What challenges does it face daily, and what are its hopes for the future?

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What would it feel like to be the only flower in a large space?

How do you imagine the flower got there? Was it the wind, an animal, or something else that brought the seed to this place?

What obstacles does the flower face in this environment, and how might it overcome them?

Can you think of any ways the flower might interact with its surroundings even though it seems alone?

What might the flower need to survive in such a tough place, like water or sunlight?

If the flower could talk, what stories or experiences might it share?

How do you think the flower feels about being the only one of its kind in that area?

What kind of personality would you give the flower, and why?

How might the flower change or affect the environment just by being there?

If the flower could make a wish, what do you think it would wish for, and how could that wish affect the story you’re about to write?

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