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Picture Prompt

🥧 Pumpkin Pie Review 🥧

Imagine you are a pie detective, and your mission is to taste and review a slice of pumpkin pie. Remember, details are key to being a top detective!

  1. Appearance: Before you even take a bite, what do you see? Describe the color, texture, and any toppings on the pie. Does it look yummy or not so much? Why?
  2. Smell: Close your eyes and take a big sniff. What does it smell like? Does it remind you of any other scents or memories?
  3. Taste: Now, the best part – take a bite! Think about the flavors. Is it sweet, spicy, creamy, or something else? How does the crust taste compared to the filling?
  4. Texture: As you chew, think about how the pie feels in your mouth. Is it smooth, chunky, crunchy, or gooey?
  5. Overall: Would you recommend this pie to a friend? Why or why not?

Now, write down your findings in a paragraph. Remember to use descriptive words and have fun being a pie detective!

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