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Soup Descriptive Writing Prompt

In a sunlit corner of a secret garden, a table with a bowl of pumpkin soup surrounded by fresh pumpkins of various sizes. You decide to take a spoonful. Describe in detail your very first taste. Was it a culinary masterpiece, a bitter disappointment, or a taste that teeters in between? As the flavours unfold on your palate, you realize this isn’t just any soup; it’s said to have the essence of autumn itself.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What do you think makes this pumpkin soup so unique and special to make it taste like fall?

Who prepared the soup?

How would you describe the taste and texture of soup?

Where would you want to go if the soup could transport you to a specific place or memory of fall?

Who might have grown the pumpkins used in the soup?

What other dishes or treats might accompany this magical pumpkin soup?

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