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Picture Prompt

Spooky Halloween Decorations Picture Prompt

Design your dream interactive Halloween house display to inspire the neighborhood kids! Draw a detailed picture of a house featuring the most imaginative Halloween decorations that come to life or react in some way when approached. Let your creativity run wild, whether it’s witches that cackle, friendly ghosts that dance, or any other enchanting theme linked to Halloween. Label each part of your decoration to explain its interactive features. Once you’ve crafted your animated masterpiece and given it a name, write a recount of a child’s journey as they walk up to the house on Halloween night, detailing their reactions and interactions with each element of your design.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some of the most memorable Halloween decorations you’ve seen on houses?

How do you feel when you see a well-decorated house for Halloween? Excited, curious, a bit nervous?

What sounds or music could you use?

What kind of reactions would you want someone to have when they first see your Halloween house display?

What might be the theme, story or legend behind the house you’re designing? Why is it decorated this way?

Are there any special treats or surprises that could be waiting for visitors at this house?

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