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Halloween Potion Writing Prompt

You discover an ancient glass bottle in a hidden corner of an old room. Inside, a mesmerizing potion swirls with shades of purple and red, shimmering like a Halloween twilight. Imagine you decide to use just one drop of this fantastic magic potion. What happens next? Write a tale about your enchanting adventure with the most wondrous Halloween potion ever found.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Describe what you see.
How would you feel if you found a mysterious potion in an old room, curious, excited, or cautious?
What ingredients can you imagine went into making this magical potion?
What magic power would you want from a potion?
How might the potion taste or smell? Sweet like candy, bitter, or maybe like a mix of autumn scents?
Who might have created this potion? A wizard, a kind fairy, or perhaps someone from long ago?
What adventures or challenges might someone face after using a drop of the potion?
Could there be any unexpected side effects or surprises from the potion?
Imagine sharing your discovery with a friend or family member. How would they react, or what advice might they give?

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