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Picture Prompt

Crystal Ball Writing Prompt

In a park painted with the colours of fall and a soft blanket of leaves, a small child finds something magical: a crystal ball floating gently in the air. The crystal ball shows delightful and enchanting images as the child gazes at it. What playful scenes or friendly creatures does the child see inside? Write a narrative about the child’s magical adventure with the wondrous crystal ball in the park on this special autumn day.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

How would you feel if you saw something floating by itself in the park?

What magical or playful images might you see inside a crystal ball?

What would you do if you were the child in the image?

Could the crystal ball have special powers or effects on the park around it? Maybe it makes leaves dance, or flowers bloom!

How might the child’s friends or family react if they saw the magical crystal ball?

What sounds might you hear in the park during this magical event? Birds chirping? Is wind rustling the leaves? Laughter?

How do you think the story would end? Does the crystal ball stay in the park, return to its owner, or start a new adventure?

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