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Halloween Ancient Artifact Picture Prompt

Under a star-filled sky in a vast desert, there’s an ancient artifact half-buried in the sand, glowing with a mysterious light. What magical or spooky tale does this artifact hold? Perhaps it’s a portal to another world, a lost treasure of a forgotten civilization, or a trinket with supernatural powers. Imagine you stumbled upon it on Halloween night. Write a narrative about your adventure with this glowing artifact among the sand dunes.

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

Describe what you see.

What comes to your mind when you think of an ancient artifact?

Why do you think the artifact is glowing? Is it magic, or does it have an extraordinary power?

How do you imagine the desert at night? What sounds, temperatures, or sensations can you think of?

Why might someone have left the artifact in the desert? Was it lost, hidden, or something else?

What emotions might someone feel upon discovering the artifact? Curiosity, fear, excitement, or a mix of feelings?

What could happen if someone touches or uses the glowing artifact?

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