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Picture Prompt

Halloween Monster Descriptive Writing

Dream up your very own Halloween monster. Describe its appearance, from the colours of its skin to the shape of its eyes. Consider whether it has any special features that make it unique or spooky. Give your monster a fitting name and describe its behavior. Does it have a favorite spooky prank or a unique way of moving about? Consider its home: a shadowy castle, an enchanted forest, or maybe a secret spot only you know about. Dive deep into your imagination and describe every detail of your unique Halloween monster. If you’d like, you can even draw a picture to bring your monster to life!

Warm-Up Discussion Questions

What are some of your favorite Halloween monsters or characters? Why do you like them?

How can we tell if a monster is friendly or scary just by looking at it?

Think about the sounds of Halloween. What noises might a monster make?

What kinds of places do you think monsters might live? Are they all dark and spooky?

If your monster had a special power, what could it be and why?

If someone met your monster for the first time, how would you want them to feel: scared, intrigued, or maybe amused?

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